“Best On Site Caterer”

-Michigan Meetings & Events Magazine

“Caterer and Filming Location

-TNT Reality TV Series

“The Toni & Trish House Fall Fundraiser was a tremendous success! Thank you for your insights and great ideas.”

-Toni & Trish House Fall Benefit Committee

“TheKnot Best of Weddings Award”

-TheKnot Magazine

“Movie Star Studded Red Carpet Premiere Caterer”

-World Movie Premiere “Street Boss”

Executive Catering

Our Master Culinary and Pastry chefs will prepare superb meals beyond the traditional fare. Select from eye-opening breakfasts, delectable homemade pastries, revitalizing break refreshments, tasteful lunches, elegant buffets and savory gourmet entrees. Consider our collection of fine wines to add that distinctive edge. Whatever you decide, rest assured your dining experience will be exceptional.


“It must be the signature beef tenderloin and chocolate-berry infused tortes that put HORIZONS Conference Center on the tips of voters’ tongues.” -Michigan Meetings & Events Center