Tips for the Newly Engaged

Tips for the Newly Engaged


Photo by: Heather Kanillopoolos Photography

1. Enjoy the Ride

Focus on what’s really important – your relationship.

2. Set a budget Before you start

You don’t want to be half way down the list of needs and realize you already spent your budget.

3. Decision Makers

Make sure any one involved in the finances and planning is with you in big meetings. Include decision makers in important vendor meetings and leave your BFF’s at home.

4. Is it worth the time?

Making a cardbox is fun, making 35 centerpieces in your basement isn’t – especially the unwanted burns from your hot glue gun.

5. To DIY or not to DIY

Your time is valuable – Pinterest is full of great DIY ideas but be realistic about your abilities and the time involved.

6. Have a Vision

Know what you envision for your wedding, create it together – this your day as a couple. Remain true to your vision – family and friends are great but make sure this is your dreams and not theirs.

7. RSVP Cards

For the invitations – number the back of your RSVP cards in pencil because you’ll have guests that forget to write down their names and entrée selections. Make an excel sheet of guests and their numbers for easy tracking.

8. Money Matters

You get what you pay for so know the areas to splurge and the areas where you can save a few.

9. Wedding Day

Time flies on the day of your event – don’t bite off more than you can chew.

10. Communication

If you’re at the point of being engaged there’s no need to drop hints rather than just say something. Be honest, you won’t want to play around with what you see for your wedding. Trying to subtly hint at a suggestion could easily lead to confusion and extra tension. Be clear with each other and you’ll enjoy the journey so much more – this is about bringing you closer as a couple not be a stresser.


Written by: Sarah Rangstrom

Lover and writer of all things weddings

*with the help of our professional wedding coordinators here at HORIZONS*